the artist formerly known as (kingdra) wrote in myotp,
the artist formerly known as

MYOTP: This is going to be re-active again! (Hopefully.)

Yo. Alice here. Okay, so we're not dead. Christie hasn't read much online fiction, so she has an excuse for not updating. I... have. A lot, recently, actually; which is why I'm re-activating this because I do have stuff to rec and I realize that there are watchers of this community, ahaha.

There's also a Dreamwidth mirror: [community profile] myotp. That will be updated prior to this community, but both will have the same recs in the same order. Sadly there's no crossposting between Dreamwidth and LiveJournal communities yet, so it's gonna be a bit more tedious on my part XD

ONTO THE SPAM! Be on a lookout for Harry Potter, Merlin, South Park, and original ;D
Tags: !those cool modposts
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